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How to Donate to Hillcrest


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Maintenance Fund Donations

Cemetery Lot Donations

Veterans Memorial Brick Program

Special Donations and Grants

Although volunteers are a big part of how we have gotten Hillcrest back in shape, keeping it that way requires the services of a professional lawn company to mow 17 acres and trim around over 5,000 stones and objects. Other special projects like driveway improvements, maintaining and purchasing tools for volunteers, and signage also require funds. Nearly all donations are used for these actual projects, as opposed to overhead, which for us is limited mostly to occasional member mailings, basic printing and small bank and government fees.

Maintenance Fund Donations

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Tax-Deductibility: Hillcrest Cemetery Memorial Association is now a 501(c)(13)* non-profit organization, and all donations are tax-deductible. For verification of this information, please contact us. For all donations we will send a letter of appreciation which will serve, along with your cancelled check, as your receipt. No goods or services are rendered directly as a result of your donation, so the full amount may be deducted.

*About our 501(c)(13) status: When we applied for our 501(c)(3) non-profit status, the IRS required us to be listed under subsection (13) instead of (3) because of our affiliation with a cemetery. While we do not own the cemetery at this time, we still fall under this category. The only significant difference is that it allows for the accounting of additional types of contributions which are not tax-deductible (lot sales and direct charges for services) which we DO NOT accept or provide. The bottom line is that all donations to our general fund and veterans memorial fund ARE tax-deductible under IRS rules, in the same way as 501(c)(3) donations are.

Membership: While we do not fomally have "members," participation in our organization is open to all persons with an interest in Hillcrest Cemetery. We request a minimum donation of $10 per member to help us with newsletter printing and mailing, and general administrative costs. This fee will be waived due to financial hardship upon request.

Participants receive all of our newsletters, published quarterly or as needed, and may vote at all monthly general business meetings. Just send your name, address, phone and email (if available), along with a check made payable to:

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Your personal information will only be used by our association. We do not share contact information.

Cemetery Lot Donations

Over the years, we have been approached by numerous families about selling unused lots to others or donating them to our organization. Due to legal concerns and other focuses, only recently have we finally become active in this process. Some unneeded lots, which were donated to us in the past, were released in 2007, adding $2,000 to our maintenance fund. It is important to note that we are not “selling” the lots as a typical cemetery owner would do, but simply reallocating pre-sold lots which are donated to us, as can anyone in a private transaction. The board recently set the value of a space in the main sections (1-9 and Circle) at $500 and in the bronze section (Section M) at $400. These prices are per-space, and constitute the amount which we will include on tax-deduction letters given to those who donate to us. For more information, please contact us by email or phone so that we may go over the special requirements for such transactions, including the need for proof of ownership. If you have contacted us before about this issue, please do so again so that we will know you are still interested.

Veterans Memorial Brick Program [This projects has been completed]

We have now begun selling brick pavers to raise funds for the planned Veteran’s Memorial. All of the funds raised through this program will be used for construction and maintenance of the memorial, which is to be constructed alongside the main entrance drive at Hillcrest, and are separate from the cemetery maintenance funds to which many of you already donate.

Your $40 special donation is tax-deductible and will provide for a brick, engraved with up to three lines of your choosing, to be included in the construction of the memorial and/or adjacent walkway. This is an opportunity for all sorts of memorials and honors:

  • Honor your family’s veterans
  • Memorialize other friends and family members
  • Recognize a loved one in an unmarked grave at Hillcrest
  • Provide a link to family members buried elsewhere
  • or simply list your name among the donors

Design plans have not been finalized, as they are somewhat subject to the success of this brick program. It will include a lighted American flag and recognition of U.S. veterans from all services, with particular reference for those memorialized in Hillcrest.

To buy bricks, not only for veterans but for anyone you wish to honor,please use the order form enclosed or send your inscription with a check for $40 per brick to the address at left. Inscriptions have a firm limit of 18 characters and spaces per line and up to three lines. You may also call us with any questions.

Partial funding for this memorial has been provided by Mr. Joe Barnett,
American Legion Post 51, VFW Post 7007 and the Atlanta Airport Rotary Club.


Special Donations and Grants

We also count on occasional larger donations to supplement our general funds, and particularly to fund larger projects.

Corporate Sponsors: A number of larger projects needed at Hillcrest, including roadway paving, overall reseeding, a monument sign and other projects, will likely not be funded through smaller donations which are dedicated to general maintenance. We are looking for corporate sponsors to help us with the bigger projects. If you would like to discuss working with us, please call.

Grants: Due to the IRS requirement that we be a 501(c)(13) simply because we are working to improve a cemetery, we are automatically inelligible for most grant programs. We have spoken with other similar organizations who have run into this situation, which is obviously an unexpected side-effect of a law passed for much different reasons.

Endowments: The ultimate goal of the Association is to provide for perpetual care of Hillcrest Cemetery with the establishment of a permanent fund. These funds will not be used directly, but will be invested in such a way to provide annual maintenance funds through interest earned. If you would like to help us establish this fund, or consider us in your will, trust, or living trust, please feel free to call us.


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