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Tips for Visitors
Flowers and Cemetery-Related Services
Notes for Visitors to East Point


Hillcrest Cemetery is located in the 2200 block of Stanton Road in the City of East Point, Georgia (Fulton County), just south of Georgia Highway 166 (Langford Parkway, formerly known as Lakewood Freeway). It is approximately 17 acres, and includes an estimated 10,000 graves dating from the 1880's to present. From Downtown Atlanta, take I-75/85 south to Langford Parkway Westbound (exit 243). Take the 4th exit to Stanton Road, turn left at the bottom of the ramp, and the cemetery is just ahead on the left (with some portions on the right farther down. MAP

Tips for Visitors

If you are looking for information on funeral services, please visit our Bereavement Page.

Just a thought...

Kevin regularly drives through Hillcrest to keep an eye on things. He drives a red Toyota pickup truck. Sometimes he will stop and introduce himself and offer assistance to visitors, other times he may drive through slowly. Always feel free to flag him down if you would like for him to stop by.

Safety: Hillcrest is a safe place to visit, though we recommend keeping aware of your surroundings while at the cemetery. We have seen signs that some illicit activity has occurred there at night, but in all our years of working there during the day, have never had a security problem. If you feel uncomfortable for any reason, feel free to call [See new website]. He lives nearby, and if available, will be happy to come visit with you or just be nearby. Also, note that we have scheduled volunteer cleanups on the first Saturday of most months (see blog for updates) from 9am to 1pm, so this is a good time to visit if you are uncomfortable coming alone.

Some other considerations for your visit:

  • If you are not sure of a grave location, please call or email us in advance and we can usually give you directions to a grave.
  • Please feel free to provide whatever reasonable maintenance you feel is necessary for your family graves.
  • Mowing is now provided on a regular basis by our Association through family donations, but detailed maintenance of individual graves is still up to the families.
  • If you have concerns about nearby trees or shrubs, we ask that you contact us prior to working on them.
  • Be aware that many chemicals sometimes used for cleaning stones (bleach, acids, vinegar, baking soda, etc.) can cause severe, permanent damage to memorial stones in the short and/or long term. Here is a link to a web site with information on safe maintenance methods. Likewise, care should be taken using herbicides and pesticides, to avoid getting them on headstones or trees. Note that areas of dead vegetation (herbicides used around stones) attract fire ants, whose mounds can leave stains on markers.
  • Well-behaved pets are welcome. Leash laws are enforced in East Point, and do apply at Hillcrest. Please restrain pets and, of course, clean up after them.
  • If you have any brush cuttings to dispose of, please pile them neatly along Stanton Road or along the main driveway that runs the length of the main cemetery. Please place trash, including old flowers, in receptacles provided or in sealed bags beside the cans along Stanton Road. Raked leaves should be bagged in paper sacks in order to be picked up. Brush and trash are picked up monthly, but leaves are ONLY picked up if enclosed in paper bags or cardboard boxes.

Flowers and Cemetery-Related Services

Just a thought...

One day last year, we were clearing trash from a wooded area and found most of it to be discarded or blown-away artificial flowers that had each turned into 20 pieces of muddy trash. I wondered aloud to Greg that they should make these bio-degradable so we don't have to worry about them. About a half hour later it hit me — they do! But we call them REAL flowers.

No flowers last forever. You might consider leaving a live bouquet on top of the stone when you visit instead of artificial ones.

Some of you may be looking for flowers or other related services. Here are some thoughts on that:

  • You may want to consider donating to our non-profit organization in lieu of flowers. Please do what you feel is right for you, but we wanted to mention the idea here.
  • Note that old flowers (badly faded, out-of-season or falling apart) may be removed by our volunteers from time-to-time. Also, we are not responsible for lost or missing small objects that can be accidentally hit by mowers, though we instruct our crews to keep their eyes open. We encourage you to place flowers and other objects on top of stones or in fixed urns when this option is available to you, but again, please do what you feel is best.Additionally, please be aware that we very often find flowers blowing around on windy days; be sure yours are secured to the stone or urn.
  • Please do not leave glass containers at any time, either on stones or on the ground, as they have become a hazard to our volunteers and work crews.
  • If you are in need of work on a memorial, either new or existing, please visit our Resources Page or give us a call. Your preferred funeral home may have recommendations for you also.

Notes for Visitors to East Point

Most visitors to Hillcrest already know the area, though some may not have visited in a long time. We have a number of new shops and restaurants downtown, as well as a new shopping center which includes Lowes, Target, Office Depot and major restaurants at Camp Creek Parkway and I-285. There are also numerous new hotels nearby. If you would like any referrals or information while planning your visit, or while here, please call.


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