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Contact Information
Frequently Asked Questions
Board Meetings
Board of Directors
Honorary Boardmembers
In Memoriam
Our Organization's History
Maintenance and Preservation Plans

Contact Information

  • Official Name: Hillcrest Cemetery Memorial Association, Inc.
  • Mailing Address: [See new website]
  • Phone: [See new website]
  • Street Address: Hillcrest Cemetery is located on Stanton Road in East Point, but does not have a street number. If you prefer to mail to a street address, please call us for information.
  • Email: [See new website]

Frequently Asked Questions

Do you own Hillcrest Cemetery?
No. The owner no longer lives in East Point, nor is she involved in the cemetery's operations or our organization. She is aware of our long-term involvement and committment to Hillcrest. Hillcrest is an abandoned cemetery, as

Doesn't the City have a responsibility to maintain the cemetery?
No. State law does not require any government intervention with abandoned cemeteries. They are allowed to assist, but not required.

We own a lot. Can we still use it?
Yes. The closing of the cemetery company did not affect your rights as a deed-holder for your lots. The only real differences are that all services normally provided by a cemetery (grave opening, closing, etc.) are now handled by your funeral home, and that certain pre-paid services such as second-spouse date of death engraving may not be available though your prior arrangements. We do request that you or your funeral home contact us prior to any services or installations, simply for the sake of record-keeping and sharing of information.

Can I buy a lot at Hillcrest?
While the cemetery was essentially sold out when business operations ceased in the 1990's, some families have donated lots to us so that we can sell them to cover some of our maintenance expenses. From time-to-time some of these may be available. Prices have been set by the board between $400 and $500 per space, based on location.

Isn't Hillcrest a perpetual care cemetery?
Unfortunately, no. Many families thought it was, but no perpetual care fund was established, nor have we ever found any written information indicating that it was promised. Regardless, there is no fund today, as the cemetery was always maintained using current income. When that funding source began to dry up, the cemetery became overgrown, and our organization was created by the community to take over (without any income from the operation of Hillcrest as a business.)

Are you a non-profit organization?
Yes, we are an IRS-approved 501(c)(13) organization. This is essentially the same as a 501(c)(3) group, except that this particular IRS code is specific to cemetery associations. It allows groups like ours to accept both donations for benefit of the general areas of the cemetery as well as accept payment for services specific to a person's lot. As an internal policy, we do not accept the latter, and general donations to us are tax-deductible just like donations to a 501(c)(3) organization. We are listed by the State of Georgia here and on GuideStar here (free registration required to view reports).

Who are the Board Members?
Most of our board members are lot owners and/or family members of those interred in Hillcrest. Some are simply concerned community members. Most current board members have been involved with the organization for years.Board members volunteer their service and are not compensated.

Board Meetings

Our board meets as needed, and not less than quarterly. Please call or visit our blog to find out about the next scheduled meeting. Meetings are open to anyone who shares our interest in the betterment of Hillcrest Cemetery, and are held in the Fellowship Hall of Jefferson Avenue Baptist Church, 1150 Jefferson Avenue, East Point, GA 30344. Enter from the back parking lot at Winburn Drive and Batavia Street. MAP

Board of Directors

[See new website]

Honorary Boardmembers

While the Hillcrest Angels Program recognizes those who make financial contributions to the Association, Honorary Boardmembership is our way or recognizing others who are essential to our success through their time, involvement, or other abilities.

  • Wylie Callahan
  • Jeff Colquitt Donehoo-Lewis Funeral Home
  • Bobby Crowe Eagle Scout
  • Gordon Draves
  • Sonya Forrest
  • Olen Gunnin East Point Historical Society
  • Ora Jean Gunnin East Point Historical Society
  • Teresa Harrison
  • Butch Hemperly Carmicharl-Hemperly Funeral Home
  • Aubrey Lewis Donehoo-Lewis Funeral Home
  • Vanie Morgan
  • Teresa Nelson
  • Joe Richardson
  • John Torrance

In Memoriam

In recognition of the committment these individuals had with Hillcrest Cemetery and the Memorial Association:

  • Davis Caskey, Board of Directors
  • Pat Clark, Board of Directors
  • Robert L. "Bob" Page

Our Organization's History

The Hillcrest Cemetery Memorial Association was founded in 2001 to combine the resources of various groups and individuals who were trying to keep up some or all of Hillcrest. Over the years, many areas became essentially inaccessible due to overgrowth, briars, and even trees. We started slow, making marginal progress with family volunteers and some donations. Eagle Scout candidate Bobby Crowe selected Hillcrest for his Eagle Project and for about a year coordinated cleanup projects with inspiring speed. His work not only made most graves accessible, but showed the rest of us how much can be accomplished with a few hands, a little cash, and a lot of dedication. We have since continued this work, making more detailed improvements, clearing the property edges, and repairing driveways. Nearly all labor except routing mowing is performed by volunteers one day a month. Maintenance mowing is performed by contractors paid from funds donated to HCMA, mostly from families. Other than selling the few lots that are donated to us, we do not make any business income from cemetery operations. We have no paid employees and board members are not compensated for their service.

Maintenance and Preservation Plans

One of our association's goals is to draft a formal Maintenance Plan (setting our short- and long-term goals for general grounds maintenance) and a Preservation Plan (setting our priorities and guidelines for taking care of this historic elements of the cemetery). Our chairman recently attended the Georgia Cemeteries Conference where information on creating these plans was gathered.


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