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How to Volunteer with Hillcrest


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Monthly Volunteer Events
Hands on Atlanta Day
Planning a Special Volunteer Event
Special Project Ideas

Volunteers are the core of our operation. It is how we began, and is still key to not only continuing to clear overgrowth in a few remaining areas, but to begin work on more specific enhancements.

Montly Volunteer Events — CURRENTLY SUSPENDED

Hands on Atlanta Day

hoaday2007We participated in Hands on Atlanta Day for the first time on October 6, 2007, and again in 2008, and both were phenomenal successes. In 2007 we expected to have some extra volunteers to help us get started clearing the back fence in Section 3, where over 100 infants were buried in the 1960's. What happened was that before the day was done, the 60+ volunteers had essentially finished the project!

Our volunteers in 2008 began the process of clearing the back woods area, which was finished with the help of other groups by March 2009!

We look forward to participating in Hands on Atlanta Day again this year, but details have not yet been announced. (We are guessing October 3 at this point.) We encourage your team to keep in touch and to consider joining us this year.

Planning a Special Volunteer Event

If your organization or volunteer team would like to help us out on a different schedule from the ones listed above, please call us at to discuss the possibilities. We can usually work with you to find a project and schedule to suit your group. See below for some possible light and heavy projects.

Special Project Ideas

  • Some things groups may want to take on include:
  • Litter pickup
  • Old flower removal (seasonally)
  • Filling sunken graves
  • Clearing brush from a wooded area
  • Spraying kudzu (seasonal, experience required)
  • Picking a specified area for more TLC than normal work crews give (pulling weeds, hand edging, raking and overall cleanup/beautification)


Much of the progress we have to see at Hillcrest is thanks to a special group of people. In 2003, Bobby Crowe decided to make cleaning the brush at Hillcrest his Eagle Scout project. He, with the help of his mother Glenda, and fellow scouts including Leon Hardy, got the cemetery to the point where we can maintain most of it with only regular mowing. See our photo page to get a look at how it looked before, during, and after their progress. Thank you all, once again.


This page is dedicated to the memory
of Glenda Crowe, Eagle Scout Mother.


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